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  1. Looking for a 3d Angel pattern
  2. Bookmark patterns
  3. Pattern
  4. Looking for a Christmas ornament pattern
  5. Spiral suncatcher
  6. Star of David pattern needed
  7. Groundhog day
  8. Boudoir bandeau
  9. peacock request..
  10. Looking for Butterfly Bookvine pattern
  11. 1914 Bridal Bag Purse
  12. Simple Edgings
  13. 3d wistaria
  14. 3-Dimensional Tatting
  15. Jewelry patterns
  16. Amusement doily
  17. Looking for this doily pattern
  18. Glove pattern
  19. Butterfly patterns
  20. Simple Little Bear
  21. Have you tatted this?
  22. Filet tatting
  23. Tatted Slippers
  24. Celtic Bracelet
  25. Heart
  26. Looking for Mimosa thread
  27. Pattern
  28. Help Designing
  29. beaded bracelets
  30. tatted grapes
  31. Looking for a book
  32. Looking for 3d Angel (was Hello)
  33. my be able to help
  34. Helma Siepmann's beautiful patterns
  35. Gerbera Doily
  36. Picture of Lily Morale's Star of David needed
  37. tortoises
  38. Pumpkin
  39. Does anyone know of a tatted guitar pattern?
  40. Looking for a star
  41. Music Notes
  42. Christmas ball patterns!
  43. a 3-d teacup/saucer pattern please.
  44. Tatted Anchor
  45. Anchor pattern
  46. Edgings and insertions
  47. Looking for a monkey
  48. Pink Cancer Free Ribbon
  49. Asymmetric/Freeform Suncatcher
  50. looking for unicorn pattern
  51. Looking for beginner patterns
  52. Little fishies
  53. Christmas patterns
  54. lovely pattern
  55. Looking for Eileen Stafford's snowflake pattern
  56. Seeking candy cane pattern(s)
  57. On a quest - griffin/gryphon tatting pattern?
  58. Working out an old pattern
  59. find patterns when sites are no longer available
  60. Looking for Glove Patterns.
  61. snowman pattern wanted
  62. Elongated pattern please
  63. Passwords for patterns
  64. bridal veil pattern
  65. manatee
  66. Looking 4
  67. Tatting lost bookmark pattern
  68. Tatting lost bookmark pattern
  69. Tatting Searching for a Pattern for lower case, cursive letters
  70. Tatting Doily pattern with no fastening off
  71. Tatting looking for wavy bookmark pattern
  72. Tatting Looking for clover patterns for a beginner.
  73. Tatting Doily
  74. Tatting Manly bookmark
  75. Tatting Looking for pattern from slideshow
  76. Tatting Anybody seen this before?
  77. Tatting Ok another question about a pic in the slideshow...
  78. Tatting Motif hunt
  79. Tatting Book
  80. Tatting Does anyone have the "Learn to Tat" book and have pattern problems?
  81. Tatting Tatting as "finding"
  82. Tatting Need some help here
  83. Tatting Beginners' Pattern Wanted!
  84. Tatting Turtle pattern
  85. Tatting Butterflypattern, who designed it?
  86. Tatting Dragon Patterns
  87. Tatting Baby Jacket
  88. Tatting Pig Pattern Needed
  89. Tatting Wedding horseshoes.
  90. Tatting Yellow butterfly
  91. Tatting Tatting on a plane.
  92. Tatting tatting tea tray pattern?
  93. Tatting Source for book
  94. Tatting Stella Alpina?
  95. Tatting Button, Button, Whose got the Button?
  96. Knitting Mother-Of-Bride Hat
  97. Tatting Our InTatters "logo"
  98. Tatting Motif Hunt #2
  99. Tatting Collar pattern wanted!!
  100. Tatting Necklace Patterns
  101. Tatting Searching for that cross pattern I downloaded.
  102. Tatting Frog Pattern
  103. Tatting tatted alphabet
  104. Tatting Tatted Hatpins
  105. Tatting Looking for a Cat Pattern
  106. Tatting Tatting for the Fall Fair? What should I tat?
  107. Tatting DollsHouse and Miniature Scene February 2007
  108. Tatting Lace edge with corner?
  109. Tatting Jan Stawasz caps
  110. Tatting Slide Show
  111. Tatting Christmas Tree
  112. Tatting Can you help me find this pattern?
  113. Tatting mantilla or chapel veil pattern?
  114. Tatting Rose & Thistle Pattern
  115. Tatting Astrology signs
  116. Tatting Something similar anywhere?
  117. Tatting Research into Missing Antique Patterns website material
  118. Tatting Calling all cows..
  119. Tatting Bookwoem bookmark pattern?
  120. Tatting Tatting Monograms?
  121. Tatting Using a pinneapple pattern for flower petals.
  122. Tatting Chess Set
  123. Tatting 3-D Bell pattern nearly as large as your fist in size
  124. Tatting Only rings edging - hen and chicks?
  125. Tatting Tatted tablecloth needed
  126. Tatting Easy Pattern for Size 80 thread
  127. Tatting Paprika question
  128. Tatting Tatted penrose tilings?
  129. Tatting Need edging pattern
  130. Tatting A very Special Edging
  131. Tatting Museum of American Needlework
  132. Tatting Christmas gift ideas
  133. Tatting Pattern Books recommendations-Doilies, Stars, butterflies & Angels
  134. star in tatting
  135. Tatting Extravagant Collar Wanted
  136. Tatting looking for skull shaped tatting
  137. Tatting bridal veil pattern needed
  138. Tatting Smile Makers
  139. Pam Palmer's dragon
  140. Tatting What are your fav ornament cover patterns?
  141. Tatting Where to find the pattern for this edging?
  142. Tatting unknown old tatting
  143. Tatting tatted cross (bookmark?)
  144. Tatting Celtic dragon?
  145. Tatting simple pattern source
  146. Tatting Rose and Thistle Doily
  147. Tatting Hanukkah / Jewish Themed patterns
  148. Tatting Lacy Rose Tatted Doily
  149. Tatting amusement doily
  150. Tatting Tatted Lanyard
  151. Tatting Tatted Robin
  152. Tatting looking for split ring bracelet
  153. Tatting Looking for Patti Duff's Minitats
  154. Tatting Tatted frog?
  155. Tatting Looking for a small motif or bookmark using daisy picots and/or block tatting
  156. Tatting looking for hearts edging
  157. Tatting Doily pattern info needed
  158. Tatting in need of some doily patterns...
  159. Tatting Beginner Pattern
  160. Tatting Minitats 69 Petite Motifs by Patti Duff
  161. Tatting i need a "manly-ish" bookmark
  162. Tatting Looking for a tooth - a molar
  163. Tatting No Crosses in Knots!
  164. Tatting Looking for a booklet
  165. Tatting Mouse Pattern
  166. Tatting ISO doily in Handy Hands website logo
  167. Tatting ISO: Pattern for a tray
  168. Tatting Tatted cup and saucer
  169. Tatting Tatted Poodle
  170. Tatting shamrock
  171. Tatting Dorcas' Heart Pattern
  172. Tatting Looking for square/rectangle-ish doily
  173. Tatting Nice horse for my mother.
  174. Tatting i would like to have this pattern.
  175. Tatting Anna Wuerfel Brown #5 c. 1914 - Gifts & Favors in Tatting & Crochet
  176. Tatting Rozella's pig
  177. Tatting Tat on a button pattern
  178. Tatting Heirloom Doily
  179. Tatting maple leaf pattern
  180. Tatting rose medallion bookmark
  181. Tatting Pattern wanted.....
  182. Tatting Easy Pearl Tatting
  183. Tatting Earrings and Necklaces wanted
  184. Tatting Beanile patterns
  185. Tatting Suggestions Please
  186. Tatting Facebook Ad Pattern
  187. Tatting 3d rose pattern
  188. Tatting Wedding Bell-The Tatter's Guild of Australia-Mavis
  189. Tatting Cowboy boot...
  190. Tatting Napkin Ring Pattern
  191. Tatting Book title needed
  192. Tatting bun cover wanted
  193. Tatting Finster
  194. Tatting Tatted Christmas Wreath by Samantha Melnychuk
  195. Tatting Baby bonnet
  196. Tatting Tiara / crown pattern wanted - needed this week
  197. Tatting Beading book recommendation
  198. Tatting Looking for a small heart pattern
  199. Tatting Tatted 3d Poppy?
  200. Tatting Jar cover
  201. Tatting Roll tatting patterns?
  202. Tatting Tatting patterns needed for felted skirt
  203. Tatting Looking for a 3D bell pattern
  204. Tatting Looking for magazine issues
  205. Tatting Looking for a Honey Bee pattern
  206. Tatting Trying to find "Nut Cup No.119, Bonbon Basket No 120 Bonbon basket 121
  207. Tatting Looking for Ruth Perry design.....
  208. Tatting Wanted: Doodle Patterns
  209. Tatting Workbasket magazine index
  210. Tatting Italian pattern
  211. Tatting Earring Pattern
  212. Tatting Looking for pointed, scalloped edgings for wedding veil
  213. Tatting Trefoil Celtic cross Pattern.....
  214. Tatting I've lost TAT MAN
  215. Tatting Altar / table cloth
  216. Tatting Geometric earrings?
  217. Tatting Lanyard Pattern
  218. Tatting Frogs (for earrings)
  219. Tatting Edging with hearts in it??
  220. Tatting Buzzard Pattern
  221. Tatting Emmy Liebert "tear drop" pattern
  222. Tatting picture but no pattern
  223. Tatting Tatted Doily patterns
  224. Tatting ISO of Free Pattern for a Dollhouse Item
  225. Tatting ID needed....
  226. Tatting seeking cross bookmark pattern
  227. Tatting "A Potpourri of Patterns by Susan K. Fuller"
  228. Tatting Looking for an angel to top my tree
  229. Tatting Buttercups
  230. Tatting Julie Patterson's Candy Cane Pattern
  231. Tatting Looking for Sunflower flower pattern
  232. Tatting Found - pattern for small 3-d angel with beaded halo and jingle bell inside skirt
  233. Tatting FLAGS
  234. Tatting Looking for 5 pointed stars
  235. Tatting Celtic needle tatting..
  236. Other Looking for gift for 1 yr old
  237. Tatting Retirement present tatting :D
  238. Tatting Rachel Colvin's Simple Celtic Earring Pattern
  239. Tatting Full tatted dress or knee length skirt
  240. Tatting E-Tatters Necklace/Bracelet Pattern here...
  241. Tatting draw a diagram
  242. Tatting looking for pattern for a dentist
  243. Tatting Jumping Koi or fish
  244. Tatting Scottish Terrier
  245. Tatting Tatted Crow or Raven
  246. Tatting Pattern with split rings
  247. Tatting Goth chokers
  248. Tatting Looking for an elusive doily pattern
  249. Tatting Book Of Snowflake Roses
  250. Tatting Windmill from Tatting with Visual Patterns